7 Steps to Avoid Making a Wrong Declare in Rummy


In a rummy game online, after you are done forming sequences and sets as per the rules of the play, you need to declare for a show, only then you will be counted as a winner. But declaring the game is not enough. If you make a wrong declare, you will be dropped from the table and not win the game, but attract penalty points. So what is a valid declare and how to avoid making a wrong one? Let’s find out more about it.

  1. Know the Rules of the Gaming Platform

Depending on the rummy card game format and rules of the gaming website, the terms and conditions for number of pure sequences/impure sequences/sets required for a win, will differ. You need to understand these regulations and play accordingly. If you do not meet the criteria and play as per your understanding and declare the game, it will not be a ‘valid declare’, leading to a loss in the game.

  1. Play a Few Practice or Free Games

Since the terms and conditions cannot be literally mugged up, you need to play rummy, especially the free and practice games, where there is no restriction of time or points at stake. This will help you to learn how the website or the app works. Learn all the controls – how to group cards, which button to click to pick and discard cards, how to check cards in discard section, how to declare the game, etc.

  1. Place Related Cards Together

Now when you start with Indian rummy, make sure to sort cards in your original hand. You may receive a few closely related cards such as 8 and 9 of Heart, 3 and 5 of Spade, and so on. Placing closely related cards at a place will help avoid confusion when you have to discard a card. And when you receive the right card to form a set or a sequence, you can group these together.

  1. Keep Unrelated Cards at One End

Like how you place related cards together in a rummy game, you need to sort the unrelated cards the same way. Unrelated cards are the ones that have no closely related cards in the hand. You may eventually find a match, but until then, these need to be placed separately. You can discard these when replacing a card from your hand, for a better one.

  1. Do Not Confuse Joker Cards with Other Cards

When you play rummy online real money, there are two kinds of Joker cards – one that is printed Joker already present in the deck, and the other selected from closed pile. The latter can be confused with a regular card; as such a Joker card carries a face value ranging between 1 and 10 or any of the high point cards, such as Ace, King, Queen, or Jack. Thus, remember the Joker card, and do not discard it by mistake. It can be used to form impure sequences and sets, needed to make a valid declare.

  1. Group Card in Sequences on Time

If you have all the cards needed to make a pure sequence, then do not wait to group these cards at later stage of the game. When you play rummy online free, a time limit may not always apply. But in tourneys and cash games, sessions are time based. You need to act at instant and group cards into valid sequence, be it pure/impure sequence, or a set. If you have formed valid sequences and sets, then you can proceed to declare the game.

  1. Prepare Valid Sets

As per rummy rules, you cannot group cards of same suit into sets. The cards in a set basically have to be of same face value but different suit- such as Club, Heart, Diamond, and a Spade. Two hearts in a set will not make for a valid set and thus if you declare the game, it will not be considered as a win. So if you have two 6s of Spade, you cannot include these in a set. It will be better to discard one of the 6s or use it in an impure or pure sequence.

Final Words

You may know how to play rummy, but different gaming platforms have variations in the rules. So you should be aware of those and practice a few games on the website before taking on serious competitions such as tournaments and cash games. So for the best rummy play, you should never make a wrong declare, but a ‘valid declare’. Follow the above-mentioned tips and win the card game smoothly.